Alison Fadoul

Alison M. Fadoul is a certified SPINNING® instructor and founder of the Hot Mommy Next Door, a web source and consulting service for mothers of newborns and young children. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and a Master of Science degree from Nova Southeastern University. She has successfully helped other moms drop their baby weight and achieve their personal best.

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To inquire about Alison’s availability and fees, please contact her via or call 954/304-5481.

Alison Fadoul

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HMND Hot Mommy Next Door - Alison M. Fadoul - America's #1 Mom Motivator

After embarking on a post-natal weight loss journey to achieve her personal best, and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response for her efforts and their results, Alison was inspired to pay forward her success by revealing her methods in The Hot Mommy Next Door.

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The idea to write The Hot Mommy Next Door came to me at the gym
in the middle of a routine workout when my daughter was nine months
old. It was a true moment of clarity unlike anything I had experienced
before and one that I will never forget. I still get chills when I think
about it. The message was strong and was one that I could not ignore.

The Hot Mommy Next Door by Alison M. Fadoul, M.S.

Once I digested the life altering experience, I decided it was time to share it with someone. I remember announcing to my husband in bed one night that I was going to write a book for moms detailing how to drop their unwanted leftover baby weight like it was yesterday. Here I am almost three years later and it feels great to have accomplished the goal I set my sights on. It feels even better to finally have the finished product in hand that is now accessible to the moms I intended it for and who inspired me.

I am excited to announce that I have signed an agreement with Morgan James Publishing of Garden City, NY to publish The Hot Mommy Next Door: A Quick, Easy, and Effective Way to Drop Your Baby Weight and Achieve Your Personal Best After Pregnancy. The book is currently available everywhere books are sold!

Don't forget to check out my Consultation Services and Products that can get you started on The Hot Mommy Next Door Program™ today!

I wish you all my best on your personal quest for health and fitness. I’m here to support you the rest of the way and I’d love to hear about your progress and success. Please keep in touch at

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